30 Kasım 2009 Pazartesi

24 Kasım 2009 Salı

flickr favourites ..

these days i am looking the purples.. because in my new project i need different purples..

See more beautiful mosaics at artmind's blog !

22 Kasım 2009 Pazar

Monday Moodboard

1. citrine capalet by afra
2. night owl by meltemsem
3. modular messenger by bayanhippo
4. you and me ring by senayakin
5. amigurumi birds by sabahnur

attention attention..
i am calling to my family and my best friends.. the new year is coming.. what about the gifts.. i want to help you on this monday..:)

you! my lovely hubby.. "you and me" in a beautiful ring.. isn't it so romantic.. :) i will always love you :)

mummy.. still your little girl can play with her toys.. i think birds can be a good idea..

daddy.. i need a more comfortable bag to carry my heavy books..

my dear friend eda.. remember the school years.. "the owl" is our universitys sign.. i am going to remember the amazing days with my new necklace..

my grandma.. you know, i have anaemia.. and cold days are coming.. please look at afra's shop for me :) ok,?

love love love you my dears.. :)

You can find more moodboard at Fleurfatale

20 Kasım 2009 Cuma

i am on fp :))

last night i was on front page with my diamondless ring..
thanks so much dear dinafragola because of your amazing treasury..

18 Kasım 2009 Çarşamba

My Creative Space

last week i started to work on an order.. it was a present for an flamenco dancer from her boy friend.. sometimes work about an order can be boring.. because you must always think your customer choices.. but the carmen dress was amusing.. i finished it very quickly.. i think tonight a woman is soooo happy in istanbul.. i want to share the photos of my work with you..
enjoy.. for more creative spaces.. Look at kootoyoo 's blog

16 Kasım 2009 Pazartesi

15 Kasım 2009 Pazar


1. Lilac waterlily brooch by Fleurfatale
2. NEW Modular messenger II ..... in purple by Bayanhippo
3. Natural Kid Friendly Crocheted Amigurumi Purple Hippopotamus by Sabahnur
4. Green Pink Degrade Fingerless Mittens by Warmandsoft

these days i like purple, pink and violet combinations on my casual and my designs..when i am surfing on etsy pages, i always see them first.. so you are looking over the mostfavourites for me on my monday moodboard..You can find more moodboard at Fleurfatale