22 Mart 2010 Pazartesi


To celebrate the Euro Week on Etsy, I offer 10% OFF SALE both of my shops for all orders throughtout this week: I refund the discount amount via Paypal! Write to seller to note "EUROWEEK" during checkout.

15 Mart 2010 Pazartesi

flickr favourites .. "me.."

i have never think myself without of..
my lovely city istanbul, my favourite fruit strawberry and my passion, ceramic..
nice to meet you.. :)

for more flickr favourites; artmind's blog ..

1. me..
2. Fabulous Mosque...
3. My first strawberries of this season...
4. Magic of creation

flickr favourites .. "cameras"

we have just gratuated our photo class with my dear friend and a great etsian meltem aka meltemsem ..
first we were looking to it only for work..
but we found ourselves in a big visual world..
now we have new ideas also new cameras :)

for more flickr favourites; artmind's blog ..

1. Fun behind the Camera
2. Argus Camera model C2 "The Brick", 1938
3. My first camera
4. first camera

14 Mart 2010 Pazar

monday moodboard.. butterflies..

i love colorful butterflies..
and the spring reminds me butterflies..
lets meet the spring with their colors..

1.by lacravatteduchien
2.by happyment
3.by bndesign
4.by BlueTerracota
5.by ZsBcreations
6.by potglasshande

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3 Mart 2010 Çarşamba


the spring has been coming..
and i am the sunny days girl :)
the spring means the colors for me..
i created colorful buttons for the colorful shirts..
you can see more buttons from potglasshande buttons section ..

Turquoise Ceramic Buttons

White Ceramic Buttons

Green Ceramic Buttons