7 Ekim 2010 Perşembe


lots of new items from my new shop.. christmas ornaments and gift tags..

5 Eylül 2010 Pazar


it is giveaway time..
to win the dot ring, lets go to handmade-europe.com ..

Rules of the giveaway:
- the giveaway is open to anyone
- you can participate by picking your favourite item from the donator’s shop, and mention it in the comment box of this post
- only one comment by each participant, so everyone will have equal chances
- you can tweet, FB about it (would be great!) but it does not count as an extra chance for winning
- donator picks the winner randomly
- giveaway lasts for a week

28 Ağustos 2010 Cumartesi

lets meet with my new shop .. MYCHRISTMASTREE.ETSY.COM

Today, i have opened my new etsy shop, mychristmastree ..
All my handmade products for christmas in this shop ..
You can find colorful ornaments, cute wall hangings, etc ..


Have A Nice Christmas ..

ps: dr says that baby should born 24th jan.. :)

12 Ağustos 2010 Perşembe

etsy meeting in istanbul ..

it was a sunny evening in istanbul .. pınar aka toosis organised everything for us.. and everything was great.. thank you dear :)

and of course msteam was there with their yellow identification badges which are designed by ayse aka aysetugrul .. :)
left to right; meltem aka meltemsem , me (handebilten ) , ayşe aka aysetugrul , ayperi aka periay , pınar aka toosis

and beautiful marie was here too :)

we prepared lots of mini etsy flags for cookies at my studio ..

lets time to meet lots of turkish etsy women .. :)

14 Nisan 2010 Çarşamba

Show In "Kumbara" ..

Last Sunday we attended an organization..
It was a happy day.. Because it was the first time that i exhibited my new porcelain rings ..
Also i really enjoy with my friends meltem aka meltemsemand muge aka bugga ..
And some pictures from lovely sunday ..

with my new jewelleries ..

hmm.. i am getting naughty .. :)

muge and me with my new porcelain rings ..

behind the meltems jewelries .. she was so beautiful on sunday.. :)

3 Nisan 2010 Cumartesi

Porcelain With Sterling Silver Rings..

Lets meet with my new collection..
These rings were created with porcelain and sterling silver..
I glazed the pieces with my special colors..
They look like pebbles..

Vanilla Porcelain Ring

Khaki Porcelain 1

Mustard Porcelain 2

22 Mart 2010 Pazartesi


To celebrate the Euro Week on Etsy, I offer 10% OFF SALE both of my shops for all orders throughtout this week: I refund the discount amount via Paypal! Write to seller to note "EUROWEEK" during checkout.

15 Mart 2010 Pazartesi

flickr favourites .. "me.."

i have never think myself without of..
my lovely city istanbul, my favourite fruit strawberry and my passion, ceramic..
nice to meet you.. :)

for more flickr favourites; artmind's blog ..

1. me..
2. Fabulous Mosque...
3. My first strawberries of this season...
4. Magic of creation

flickr favourites .. "cameras"

we have just gratuated our photo class with my dear friend and a great etsian meltem aka meltemsem ..
first we were looking to it only for work..
but we found ourselves in a big visual world..
now we have new ideas also new cameras :)

for more flickr favourites; artmind's blog ..

1. Fun behind the Camera
2. Argus Camera model C2 "The Brick", 1938
3. My first camera
4. first camera

14 Mart 2010 Pazar

monday moodboard.. butterflies..

i love colorful butterflies..
and the spring reminds me butterflies..
lets meet the spring with their colors..

1.by lacravatteduchien
2.by happyment
3.by bndesign
4.by BlueTerracota
5.by ZsBcreations
6.by potglasshande

for more monday moodboard; fleurfatale's blog

3 Mart 2010 Çarşamba


the spring has been coming..
and i am the sunny days girl :)
the spring means the colors for me..
i created colorful buttons for the colorful shirts..
you can see more buttons from potglasshande buttons section ..

Turquoise Ceramic Buttons

White Ceramic Buttons

Green Ceramic Buttons

28 Şubat 2010 Pazar

THE WINNER IS .. winter gıveaway ..

The prize goes to a person chosen at random using the random generator..
And it says 25, means.....
My October Giveaway winner is


She is the owner of a dot ring..

Thanks to all participants involved by leaving comments

11 Şubat 2010 Perşembe

My Creative Space .. with students ..

last week, all days i worked with my students beause it was holiday time for schools..
and they came everyday on their holiday..

for more creative space lets look at kootoyoo's blog ..

7 Şubat 2010 Pazar

fLiCkR FaVoURiTeS .. "sweet"

in these cold days i need some sweet things..
my horoscope is taurus..
it says that i always have well excuses for eating..:)
hmm.. what do you think about a piece of delicious brownie..

for more lovely flickr favourites look at artmind's blog ..

1.Cheesecake de frutas vermelhas by Dois Espressos
2.38 by dothewu
3.more & more. by dee.
4.Sweet Monaka by bananagranola


i love all colors..
when i try to choose something, my eyes are going to most colorful one..
today i want to start this first working day with my colorful favorites from european artists..

1.Knitted Laptop sleeve Sporty or knitted MacBook Pro and laptop sleeve 15 inch pink purple grey by martice
2.Colour In Collaboration - Printable Colour In Pages by annarubyking
3.Colorful Gloves - Purple-Orange-Lilac-Pink by afra
4.Bird Gang Colorful crocheted amigurumi birds (set of 4) by sabahnur

for more monday moodboard go on fleurfatale 's blog ..

6 Şubat 2010 Cumartesi


winter giveaway is dot ring from my diamondless collection and from my etsy shop handebilten..

the steps you need to follow is simple..

• please visit my etsy shop and find one or more items you liked best and post a comment under this post the link of them (don't forget to write your name and email adress under your comment for contact..)

for extra entries you can do any or all of the following things:

• for an extra entry, tweet about this giveaway, including the link http://handebilten.blogspot.com/2010/02/winter-give-away.html and my twitter name (@handebilten), and leave a separate comment with a link to the tweet.. (1 extra entry)

• for a 3rd entry if you would like.. follow my blog, or link back to my blog, or blog about this great giveaway.. ( you can post this entry if you already follow my blog or link to it.. please post the url link if you blog about this giveaway.) (3 extra entry)
(maximum 5 entries per person) this giveaway is open to everyone.. also my shop is international..

this giveaway will end on sunday, february 28th at midnight.. a winner will be picked using random.org. If you win, I will contact you via the email address you provide in your comment.. good luck and thanks so much for participating

if you would like shopping at my etsy shop , i’ll offer to only my blog reader free shipping all february , just write to seller the code “GIVEAWAY” ..

have fun..

4 Şubat 2010 Perşembe

My Creative Space..

today i am working for my est challenge item..
the theme is secret and is hosting by toosis ..
i have an idea with my glass blowing necklaces that you see in one of my shop potglasshande ..

You can see more workspaces at kootoyoo 's blog!

My Daisy Fortune Ring By Meltemsem ..

yesterday my lovely friend meltemsem gave me a present..
i suprised.. because in the package there was my favourite ring from her shop..

wow ... Daisy Fortune Ring ..
Love me? love me not? Love me? Love me not?....

These lovely ring is a part of her new collection " The Love Affair".
This new collection of her tells a love story that has never been told.
When she was creating this lovely ring, she used silversmithing techniques. This ring was hand crafted by herself through techniques such as measuring, forming, soldering, finishing, polishing. she've also made cold enamel on it's leaves.

you are right i am the most lucky person in the world..

thank you very much my dear.. :)

2 Şubat 2010 Salı


it is raining and raining again..
i am at my studioand freezing..
i need some warm things with my jean and brown sweat.. hmm.. dear friends help me.. :)

1.Grey Fingerless Gloves Mitts by meltemsem
2.Wool Arclylic Shawl Green Crocheted Triangle Fringed Warm Cozy Fall Autumn Winter by filofashion
3.arm warmer by atolyeafra
4.Gotta keep warm by ingermaaike

for more flickr favourites go on artmind's blog

1 Şubat 2010 Pazartesi

YAY! THE WINNER IS .........

i loved all the entries,thanks so much for your affort..

it was hard to pick the winner.. it was hard to pick the winner so i use the random.org ..

but i am new on mac :) so i can't copy and paste the page :))

random says "27" .. it means ..

the winner is toosis ....

what a creative week we had! i hope you enjoy when you are working about your loves..

26 Ocak 2010 Salı

My Love Is.. : EST Challenge Entries

we are starting to see new ideas, new items from brilliant european artists..
here we go..

first item from nauli
they say their love is a "true love"..

True Love - Valentine ZigZag Photo Book

and these cold days we need gloves of course.. colourful gloves designer warmandsoft designed beautiful love gloves for us..

Denim Blue Fingerless Gloves Mittens AOD

sabahnur, the last week winner miss petit and cute.. her love is her birds.. her bunny birds.. :)

the easter bunny bird

from empapers, a lovely card..


a new challenger kathely, her love is all things oriental (she said that because of her heritage..) :D

Oriental-Styled Red Cinnabar Earrings

sumiko with her colourful and feminne jewels.. She loves fairy tales as me..

Fairytale Horse Bracelet

ingermaaike 's love is all things fiber and soft, this yarn is the softest fiber ever..

angora silk merino handpun yarn

lets meet with new a challenger missusD..

Panda Gone Wrong

as you guess supplier loves her colorful flowers.. Have you ever seen her 3d flowers..

Crochet Applique Fuchsia 3D Flowers

LaTouchables says what woman or girl sat for hours to make this display of beauty, to capture her own beauty.. that is love, and I hope I can do her justice..

Desert Bloom, a Bedouin Bracelet

lets meet a new challenger too.. koopdegrace and her beautiful scarflettes..

Giant Lavender Scarflette

Kreativlink 's love plain and natural..

Twigs, Leather Journal or Notebook, Suede

LeelaBijou 's love is purple as one of my love..

Love Is...- Murano Crystal Earrings Golden Plated

i am so happy to meet with a porcelain lover TwoTreesBelgium.. we love it because of its thin, uneven, light..

Blowing in the wind

one more jewelery lover from my city, senayakin ..

Valentine Hearts Sterling Silver Post Earrings

One of my alatsupplies ' biggest loves is stones, especially agate!

Agate 25 x 18 mm Center Drilled Oval Bead - 1 pc - Discounts

soft and warm lover filofashion .. and i love her scarfs.. :)

Green Scarf Crochet Handmade

ColoursandTextures ' love is like a red rose ..

Love is ... like a red red rose

starrybluesky 's love is Very far away.. lovely.. :)

My Love Is Very Far Away -

fleurfatale says "true love .. "

Elena leather flower necklace

ayawedding shows her love with the color of red..

felted red fire lilium love flower snap clip for valentines day...

After a lo-o-ong time ioulia is in the challenge again..

Late Summer Calm reversible necklace

karuski with all her love..

golden dahlia- flower ring with recycled silk on a sterling silver base

kraplap 'sove is ..... Mathematics; and kraplap says it sounds strange for many, but it really is and always was !

Ring Square Alpha

vitalakim is in challenge with colorful booties ..

wet felt-ed pure merino wool baby booties/slippers My Love is

dinafragola's love is science fiction.. :)

The Red Shirt Star Trek Necklace

toosis with gold and turquoise

Turquoise Small Square Earrings With Silver Settings Coated with Gold

staroftheeast.. estella's love is weird..

My Love is Weird- Miniature Ring

creationsbyeve with a colorful necklace..

colorful felt-fiber necklace-choker