22 Kasım 2009 Pazar

Monday Moodboard

1. citrine capalet by afra
2. night owl by meltemsem
3. modular messenger by bayanhippo
4. you and me ring by senayakin
5. amigurumi birds by sabahnur

attention attention..
i am calling to my family and my best friends.. the new year is coming.. what about the gifts.. i want to help you on this monday..:)

you! my lovely hubby.. "you and me" in a beautiful ring.. isn't it so romantic.. :) i will always love you :)

mummy.. still your little girl can play with her toys.. i think birds can be a good idea..

daddy.. i need a more comfortable bag to carry my heavy books..

my dear friend eda.. remember the school years.. "the owl" is our universitys sign.. i am going to remember the amazing days with my new necklace..

my grandma.. you know, i have anaemia.. and cold days are coming.. please look at afra's shop for me :) ok,?

love love love you my dears.. :)

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15 yorum:

  1. Very fun and colourful.
    Love the way you write your wants on each item. Beautiful!

  2. very pretty choices! I love those colorful little birdies!!

  3. How sweet! :)) Wish you a wonderful week! :)

  4. very pretty finds! and fun how you wrte about them! beautiful!

  5. hehehe this is fun!!
    I should make a list as well!!

  6. lovely choices and joyful stories behind:)

  7. Nice moodboard and great gift ideas.

  8. What a great idea for a moodboard!
    I guess I'm going to copy it next week ;-)
    Lovely owl and capelet.