7 Şubat 2010 Pazar

fLiCkR FaVoURiTeS .. "sweet"

in these cold days i need some sweet things..
my horoscope is taurus..
it says that i always have well excuses for eating..:)
hmm.. what do you think about a piece of delicious brownie..

for more lovely flickr favourites look at artmind's blog ..

1.Cheesecake de frutas vermelhas by Dois Espressos
2.38 by dothewu
3.more & more. by dee.
4.Sweet Monaka by bananagranola

15 yorum:

  1. I always have excuses to eat too! :) Now I want some M&M's! :)

  2. Super yummi!
    Love bananagranola's photos!

  3. The 'macarons' left under are my favorite ! Very light and delicate taste, but very expensive indeed. Yummy Mosaic

  4. ohh i want that cheesecake and macaronsss

  5. Oh my! Im taurus too and I am with you! In these cold days I just want to sit in the couch under a blanket and eat something yummy and sweet!

  6. Mmmmm num num num:) Olsa da yesek:)) Hheehehe:)

  7. Yes and with Carnival on the way the chances for sweets are even more....heheheh

  8. Oh yummy! I would love to sample a macaroon please *grin*.