4 Şubat 2010 Perşembe

My Daisy Fortune Ring By Meltemsem ..

yesterday my lovely friend meltemsem gave me a present..
i suprised.. because in the package there was my favourite ring from her shop..

wow ... Daisy Fortune Ring ..
Love me? love me not? Love me? Love me not?....

These lovely ring is a part of her new collection " The Love Affair".
This new collection of her tells a love story that has never been told.
When she was creating this lovely ring, she used silversmithing techniques. This ring was hand crafted by herself through techniques such as measuring, forming, soldering, finishing, polishing. she've also made cold enamel on it's leaves.

you are right i am the most lucky person in the world..

thank you very much my dear.. :)

4 yorum:

  1. WoW! This ring is spectacular! You luck girl! :)) It looks good on you.

  2. Enjoy it my lovely young friend! It looks gorgeous on your finger:) I'm so happy that you loved it!