15 Mart 2010 Pazartesi

flickr favourites .. "cameras"

we have just gratuated our photo class with my dear friend and a great etsian meltem aka meltemsem ..
first we were looking to it only for work..
but we found ourselves in a big visual world..
now we have new ideas also new cameras :)

for more flickr favourites; artmind's blog ..

1. Fun behind the Camera
2. Argus Camera model C2 "The Brick", 1938
3. My first camera
4. first camera

8 yorum:

  1. Great photos! I love taking pictures to and would love to take a class one day :) My first camera was a little Kodak that took 110 film and created the cutest little perfectly square pictures :) I've graduated to a Nikon now and never leave home without it. Super mosaic :)

  2. Oh, that's great, I would love to take some lessons too! Have fun!

  3. Great mosaic, I always say I'll go to take some lessons an then I get to lazy and get help from the internet when I need :-P Lucky you have fun!!

  4. Somehow looking through a camera can open your eyes to the world. Good luck with your photography!

  5. Hehehe awesome cameras:) I have got one too:) I'm so happy and keep going to learn more about photo! Let's go to another lesson sweetheart:)