15 Mart 2010 Pazartesi

flickr favourites .. "me.."

i have never think myself without of..
my lovely city istanbul, my favourite fruit strawberry and my passion, ceramic..
nice to meet you.. :)

for more flickr favourites; artmind's blog ..

1. me..
2. Fabulous Mosque...
3. My first strawberries of this season...
4. Magic of creation

3 yorum:

  1. Great to know you! I love the photo of Ortakoy. Beautiful smile by the way!

  2. It is super to meet you! We share a lovely passion: ceramics! It's the best, isn't it? :)
    The link in my blog is wrong. For some reason I can't delete it. Perhaps you can add a new link and I'll delete the old one when it works again. ;)